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Bahamas 2012/ 2013 -Abaco Island - Cave Diving in the " Treasure Chambers of the Caribbean "

Sidemount Diving with Brian Kakuk "Bahamas Underground "

We start in February finally our Cave Diving trip to the Bahamian Island Abaco. We meet Brian Kakuk from Bahamas Caves Research Foundation and Cave Diving Facility Bahamas Underground.
Here are only guided cave dives possible, only two participants at the dive day allowed.

We dive Dans Cave, Ralphs Cave, Lost Reel

Location:: Abaco is one of the nordest islands of the Bahama Bank.

Flight connection from Miami direct to Abaco, also via Nassau and Ft. Lauderdale.

Permission: Bahamas Underground, professional filmcrews need extra gouvernement permissions

Time Slot: all year, best in December to June, later the year very hot and humid. Be aware at Hurrican season!

  • long booking in front, Brian is very busy...

    Filling: Helium, Nitrox, pure Oxygen, air offers Bahamas Underground in Marsh Harbour

  • full equiped Tec Dive Facility: equipment rental, tanks, spare parts, CCR service

    Accommodation: charming cottage closed to the Bahamas Underground Tec facility and the Bahamas Caves Research Foundation.

    Certification: Cave Diver, Nitrox, Side Mount Configuration, DAN Insurance

  • Cave- and Side Mount training offered also per request

    Dans Cave:

    Dans Cave is hidden in the south of the island, approx. a 30 minutes drive by car from Marsh Harbour.

    History: Fred Davis, back in 2003, or 2004 had spent nearly 10 years exploring caves on Abaco Island. Brian Kakuk began 2010 with seriously exploration, documentation and survey.

    Maximum Depth: ca. 80? m, exploration still in progress

    Accessibility/ Entrance: easy

    Cave Structure: The cave branch out approx. 5 kilometer under a nice pine tree forest. After easy access to the cavern area in 15-18 meter depth the cave split in many directions: to " Good Lands and Bad Lands ", direction "Cascade Room " later to "Fangorn Forest " and much more...

  • very varying structures: delicate shapes, narrow tunnels, crystal columns, giant halls, fossil covered walls, crystal pools, white forests of stalactites...
  • Thermo- and halocline in approx.15-18 m.
  • In Dans Cave exist a lot of cave dwelling creatures: blind fish, remipede, isopods and shrimps.

    Our Dives: Use of 2x 85cf steel sidemounts, Nitrox 32/ 28 and 80 cf Stage 32/ 28. We dive 9 times in Dans cave. This gives us time to enjoy and film some of the beauty of this cave.

    Dive time between 80 and 150 minutes, O2 deco, depth range between 20 and 50 meter.

    Specials:The amazing Fotos showed in the NATIONAL GEOGRAFIC Magazin 2010 where taken here in the in Cascade Room.

    Summary: The caves of Abaco are a highly combinaltion from extrordinary cave structures, geological and climatological research. We are very thanksful to have seen this miracle of nature at our selfs.

    And: Brian Kakuk is a very professional dive buddy, guide, instructor, organisator, safety manager, artist, light designer, interwiev partner... - thanks Brian, - we have to come back!

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  • Bahamas 2012, Abaco, Cottage

    Bahamas 2012, Abaco, Dans Cave, equipment set up

    Bahamas 2012, Abaco, Brian und Brigitte

    Abaco Dans Cave, Cascade Room

    Abaco Dans Cave, Crystal Column

    Abaco Dans Cave, Crystal Column

    Abaco Dans Cave, Cavern zone

    Abaco Fossil

    Bahamas 2012, Abaco, Dans Cave, Allee

    Bahamas 2012, Abaco, Ralphs Cave, Glas Factory

    Bahamas 2012, Abaco, Dans Cave, Fangorn Forest

    Abaco Dans Cave, Structure

    Abaco Dans Cave, End of cascade Room

    Abaco Dans Cave, Bad Lands

    Abaco Dans Cave, Crystal Palace, Allee

    Abaco Dans Cave, Cascade Room