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Slate Mine Christine, Germany

Up to 47 Meter, unexplored areas waiting for experienced cave divers!

Location: From Berlin 460 km direction Kassel Autobahn, than to Zierenberg and Wolfhagen to Willingen.

Maximum depth: ~ 45 Meter

Certification level: certifiied Cave Diver unrestricted, guided dives are possible for AOWD`s with more than 300 dives and experience with twin tanks, and Advanced Nitrox Diver

Accessibility/ Entrance: easy, park deck in front of the mine entrance, separate Entrance for the divers, app. 40 meters to the water

Permission: Oliver Hecht, Helminghausen- Messinghausen

Time Slot: not limited for full cave divers

Mine Structure:: Level 2 and 3 ready to dive, mainline prepared level 2 app. 24 meters depth, level 3 app. 40 meters. level 2 is about 600 meter in length

Fillings: Oliver Hecht, all mixes available

Where to stay: our choice: Haus "Erika", Willingen, Family Behle is prepared for divers :-)

Our Dive: Following down the main tunnel to 25 meter depth, arriving after 3 minutes the first pump room- the Bremsberg. We followed the main line, passing the explosives depot to the left, arriving the "living room" just in front. The second sole slopes down very slow to old minig railways, leading down to the deep section to more than 40 meters...

Specials: The guided mine tour in the dry areas is really interesting - you find all of the underwater territory one level up in the dry. Good for some historical mine facts - we enjoyed it very much!

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Oli and Andre exiting the water


Andre in a chamber


if you like it...


Cable Car riding not allowed- Seilfahrt verboten!

in front of the chamber


descending to the 3. level

Whats this???