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Expedition to the ocean cave Ras Mamlach

More than a Jeep safari - Real Technical Cave Diving

20 kilometer south of Nuweiba, located in the National park Ras Abu Galum, you will find the famous drop off " Ras Mamlach".

We planned a dive into one of the cracks in the reef - the cave of Ras Mamlach, more than 100 meters deep.
Mission of the dive was to arrive at "the windows" - some openings at 65 m in the outer reef wall, leading to the blue water of the drop off...

  • Diving the cave at this site was forbidden in the past due to some fatalities, it is reopened now since 2004.
  • The cave was "reexplored" by a diver from Dahab, he brought in a new line, up to 108 meters deep - but the bottom is not reached yet
  • Caution - still many old rotten remains of guidelines inside, enough to confuse you in stressful situations!
  • No continuous guidline! Be prepared for gap!
  • only for experienced technical cave divers recommended
  • divers without cave training should not attempt to enter the cave, wrong place for education
  • be familar with your dive partners
  • team of 3 quite good
  • our dive was: windows in 65 meter, approx. 25 minutes bottom time, TX 18/45
  • travel 32% nitrox, deco 50 and 100% oxygen
  • access: easy from the shore
  • visibility up to 10 meter in the beginning, opens up to cristal clear in 40 - 50 meter
  • wide selection of sediment-covered walls, sea urchins drop from the ceiling and agressive lion fishs while deco can be kind of disturbing
  • red tape stuff demand a local guide
  • Be prepared for extra oxygen - on the way back via Nuweiba you need to pass a mountain road, 780 meter max. elevation for about 20 minutes

Our sum: top dive site, an enrichment for the Sinai peninsula as a destination for Tec divers.
Don`t forget your rescue plan - you are far away of civilisation.
Of course- worth a trip!

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off road


deco stages


Sicht und Platz in 40 Metern

twighlight zone

window in 65 Metern

deeper windows

6 Meter Stop