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North of the Dominican Republic, april 1999 -

my really first cave dive with "Höhlen Horst"!
"La Entrada"

Not only south closed to Santo Domingo you will find cave diving sites!

At 18. April 1999 I startet the dive with single cylinder and a lot of trust!

  • Entrance: short after " La Entrada"
  • Price: 180 USD
  • Max. depth: 19,5 m
  • 2km dirthy road
  • rest rooms: no!
  • Entrance: old stairs
  • Exit: easy
  • Specials:
  • no stalaktites
  • further exploration of the system
  • guided dive app. 60 minutes
  • diving with single tanks!
  • Sorry, no underwater fotos.
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    Nice car race...

    equipment preparationn...

    Surprise- azurblue...


    Cenote entrance

    Cave exit to the Caribbean, similar to the Sistema Dos Ojos in Mexico...