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Dive excursion to Slowakiens opal mine in Dubnik

Cave diving weekend with strong exercise!

Kosice is located about 1000 km away from Berlin.
After passing the High Tatra Mountains, we finally arrive in Kosice at midnight after a 12 hour drive.
We meet the explorer of the mine, Vladimir Konrád, and go for another 35 km towards the Ukraine and dive the mine the following day.

  • Diving in Dubnik is a challenge: The equipment needs to be transported into the mines galleries to the site - about 700 meters to walk...
    We are lucky- the temperature is about 2° C.
    Don't forget your head light ;-)
  • Historical facts: 1597 the mining area was first mentioned in history, 1771 the 600 gram opal "Harlequin" was found, today presented in the Vienna Museum. Mine was closed in 1922.
  • Since the "Dubnice Opalove" foundation took over responsibility for the mine, 120.000 € were invested to build up a museum and a nature reserve for bats.
  • The cave is divable in the 3rd and 4th level, max. depth is reached in 65 meters at the 6th gallery.
  • Your dive will be guided by Vlado Konrád or one of his buddies.
  • Diving activities at any time in the year
  • max. depth 65 meters
  • technical diving spot, mixed gases available on request, contact Vlado before
  • silty bottom - watch your boyancy
  • water is acid, pH 2,8!!! - just bring your dry suit :-)
  • water temperatur is about 2 - 4°C
  • nice place for video and photo shots...
  • airfills will be provided by Vlado
  • Overhead environment - only for experienced Cave Divers wit dry siute!
  • More than one dive per day is hard work, so we enjoyed one long dive...
  • The tourist tour in the mine is very nice and interesting
  • Reasonable accomodation in Kosice, Pension Krmanova, from 35€ per night, B&B

go to mine Miltitz

mine entrance


diving platform

down to level 3

our B& B

stairs to level 3



hovering and waiting at the videographer

level 3

access to the, pH 2,8!

wall of loose rocks

the long way in...

mine architectur

stairs at 30 meter, 4. level


Andre on the way back

easier way in with sidemount configuration