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Italy, Grotta Giusti - 1998, where everything began...

Between Florenz und Pisa - beneath an old Toskany manor- the Monsummano SPA

Brigitte started here her very first cave dive - 1998...
Entering the cave system without fins, you "climb" round the caves as the main section is a cleft in the rock, running at about 20 to 30 degrees off the vertical.

The water is clear as gin and at almost body temperature.

There are several air spaces with breathable air where you can pop up and talk over the delights of the dive so far.

The feature of the Grotta Giusti Spa since Victorian times has been the Grotta, entering the first cave, Paradiso, you move on to Limbo (the lake entry to the underground cenotes) and then via Purgatorio to the hottest (34 degrees C) Inferno.

The caves are all heated by the underground lake systems.

34 degree Centigrade water!!!

Today, 2010, you can still dive there - but watch out for prices and packages to stay at the SPA over the weekend!

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Monsummano Terme, Spa

Monsummano Terme, Spa

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