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Old chalk mine Miltitz

In the halls of the mountain king
visibility 20+, Tec divers welcome...

Locateds between Dresden and Chemnitz in the southeast of Germany, the small town Miltitz is hiding an unique diving spot beneath tons of rock - the old chalk mine.

The mine is an attraction, not only for us divers. The dry section is as interesting, as the flooded part of the mine are.

The explorers did a great job - most of the passages are secured with permanent guide lines. One can find huge halls, reaching easily 180 feet, flooded by crystal clear water with +60 feet visibility (if you are not the last, getting into the water... ;-)

Diving is possible for cavern and certified cave divers with one of the local guides. Reservation must have been made before diving with one of the tour operators. One you can find here

You will find a nice mix of divers of all levels, interested beginners in cavern diving up to the fully equiped technical diver, holding three stage tanks beside, rebreathers are seen regulary...

Diving is possible with open water scuba gear for cavern tours as well as technical diving equipment. There is no shop nor rental or filling station around, one have to bring all diving gear to the site.

  • Diving in Miltitz is possible through October to April
  • Maximum depth is about 180 feet, trimix welcome ;-)
  • Skills for diving in overhead environment necessary
  • check schedule with diving center (Link) for reservation
  • Great and unique diving spot - worth to have a look!
  • Strongly Recommended!

  • accommodation:
    Pension Meissner Blick

Get a quick impression about our underwater videos from the "Old Chalk Mine Miltiz" shot for the German TV-Show Biwak on MDR June 2008


watch Video clip "Old Chalk Mine Miltiz" April 2008


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