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Quarry "no name" - now known as "Langner"

A little challenge in Saxonia...

A quarry, hidden in the forest

Only few divers visited the quarry, impressive- old mining stuff

  • The quarry is located in Saxonia, close to village Niesky
  • mostly drop offs
  • sunken forest
  • max. depth approx. 30 meter
  • visibility 5 - 7 m
  • thermocline at 18m
  • lot of clay - be prepared for silt!
  • two old mining tunnels guide you about 8 meter into the mountain
  • second drop off in 20 meter depth, than fissure down to 30 meter
  • pumping room and old railway tracks

Rüdiger Zur, owner of the dive Center Wassermann offers guided dives!

Certification level: minimum AOWD or equivalent certification.

watch the video of the quarry Langner

the quarry

old chalk oven

sunken forset and entrance

second drop off in 20 meter depth

tracks in 25 m


tunnel and room


entrance in tunnel 2


sunken forest

Rüdiger Zur in room 2

lets get out here

30m level

chalk slot and room 2