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Dive excursion to " Steinbruch Sparmann"

deep dive weekend in "Sparmann"
down to 70 meters - depth is challenging

You will love it - or be disappointed - Sparmann's quarry is not made for everybody. This quarry deserves a spot on the list of deeper sites in East Germany.
Diving newbies will be scared, I guess - the rock drop off vertically into the dark, light- hungry depth...

  • "Sparmann" is located in Saxonia, about 50 km in the north of Dresden, in the middle of the small town Kamenz.
  • The water is arteficially oxygenized with an air drainage system, so you can dive it in cold winter days ice free.
  • most of the quarry walls are drop offs
  • maximum depth is about 70 m
  • technical diving skills recommended
  • Fill service at the dive center, Nitrox, Helium and Argon in small amounts available. Just contact Jost, the owner, to make sure he has sufficient amount of gas you prefer.
  • visibility? Surpise ;-) You will need a light at all...
  • nice and comfortable place to stay, friendly staff

The dive center offers new built facility, from divers for divers. The more technical oriented divers will find a reasonable place to handle the equipment easily, water access and exit is good.

Quarry Wetro

the quarry

north wall


guest house

...it's alive...

decompression aid...

... got narked