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Quarry Wetro - a hidden destination!

Dark diving in Germany, explorers welcome...

Welcome to quarry Wetro, located in the 445 people village in the Oberlausitz, about 10 km away from Niesky

  • Wetro offers deep diving, old mine stuff and 2 little caves
  • Thomas Szagunn - the owner of the dive center, provides air fills, Nitrox up to 50% and Argon
  • deepest spot 56 meter
  • The Wetro is separated by an underwater "wall" into two sections, the wall ends 17 meter below the surface
  • nice stuff around the wall - old tracks with little surprises ;)
  • drop off diving only
  • the dive center was under construction in 2007
  • Camping possible!
  • Before diving get in touch with the owner via mobile phone in Sproitz
  • THe attached Diving Center in the village has just open on wednesday afternoon

Due to the depth and changing visibility, good lights are recommended!

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Quarry Wetro

Dive center


Still power?

woodden parts 45 meter



Deco computer in 30 m

narrow gauge into thin air...

Mussels-  ca.10 cm!

night dive

Historical trailers...