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Quarry Wildschütz

Deep diving in Germany, Nitrox und Trimix welcome...

Seeking the darkness, depth and the cold?

Sounds like excellent technical diving... Welcome to quarry Wildschütz, located in the same named village in Saxonia, about 30 km away from Leipzig.

Wildschuetz is indeed a deep, cold and dark place - but it offers a variety of different skill levels in all levels of technical diving. Sorry cavers, no caves there... (ok, one really small shaft into the rock ;-) )

But Wildschuetz is not only for the experienced divers, some nice open water spots are there to find, even if the challenge is more technical.

There are numerous places worth to dive, the average depth is 120 feet and (far) below. One can reach more than 200 feet, equiped with the proper gases.

Volker, owner of the dive center, offers nice and fair- priced accommodation and a small restaurant.

Air fillings possible, no technical gases or oxygen enriched mixes.

Open: mon-tue: closed, wed- sun: spring- summer 10-20:00; autum -winter 10-18:00

Due to the depth and changing visibility, good lights are necessary!

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Quarry Wildschuetz

Narcosis or what?

history of power supply

time goes by...

ascending to next stop

the typical oxygen- window...

entrance to the pump house

decompression is waiting...