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Cave Diving South Australia

Allendale oder The hole in the middle of the road

Easy access, two extend chambers

Location: Allendale, Road to Pt. McDonnel

Maximum depth: 26 meter

Certification level CDAA: Cave Diver

Accessibility/ Entrance: easy

Permission: Lady Nelson Visitor Center Mt. Gambier

Time Slot: not limited

Cave Structure: tunnel into a smaller chamber, followed by the bigger main chamber, lot of stuff in there, no permanent line, good for backmount

Our Dive: Place Primary leftnext to the steps. Follow straight ahead the formation trough the restriction, cross the bigger chamber to the end.

Specials: Allendale is not dived very often, access is easy, no gear tables...

The main chamber at the caves end witnesses the effort in the past to close the roads hole... garbage, trees, rubble.. A big, old old crayfish is guarding the territory.
Lots of "graffity" all over the cave...

Watch the video of the cave Allendale!

allendale - chamber 2

get ready...




hello in 24 meter!

way back

can't wait...




after the first restriction