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Pine Tank Divers Lodge Glencoe

The first address for Cave Divers in South Australia
- reasonable prices and excellent service -

The Pine Tank Divers Lodge

is located in Glencoe, app. 30 km west of Mount Gambier, in middle of the Cave Country South Australia. The caves are very close, most of them to access by 15 minutes car ride.

Owner of the lodge is family Pearce. They built the lodge 2003 and offer now accommodation in Bed & Breakfest style. Grant Pearce is a keen cave explorer and knows all about cave divers need. Begining with gas logistics up to a fridge filled with BBQ stuff...

The Lodge offers 3 rooms, for 2, 4 and 6 persons. The kitchen, an extent living room, 2 bathrooms and showers are collective rooms.

Photo- and Videographers! : donīt forget your cables to show your "shoots of the day" to the other divers- the DIVERS LODGES is equipped with a great Infotainment system!

The lovely double room is suitable for honey moon and spoils you with privacy, silence, peace and sunshine all day long.
We "forgot" our sleeping bag in Germany - but Lynn could help easily, so we had problems to get out of our nest in morning to start cave diving!
By the way: the kitchen is very well equiped, so just bring your own food!

The Dive Shop is a proper fundus in all aspects for cave divers: a source for spare parts, lost and found equipment, gas fillings and new brands like SALVO Lights, Poseidon regs and so on.

Grant and Lynn are really experts in managing strange cave divers wishes and keep also care about accompanying family members as well. More than one time Lynn helped with washing mashine, drinks, hair dryer and all the things you need for a great weekend!

Grant is the man you can ask about all the secrets of the caves in Mount Gambier area and Australia in total. He is not to proud helping you out with little tips for cave entries, dry caving or just a cup of hot tea!

After diving you will find the "congregation of cave raving Aussies" in discussion about side mount techniques, new caves, equipment, projects or the best red wine while running the compressor for next air fill in Grants shop!

Contact to Grant, information about booking and prices- just ask us for details!

Sorry Backpackers - this is a Dive Lodge and accommodation is provided only for divers...

Glencoe/ Mt. Gambier

Glencoe/ Mt. Gambier, The Lodge

Glencoe/ Mt. Gambier, peaceful

Glencoe/Divers Lodge, Living room

6 bed room

Glencoe/ After the dive in the filling station...

Glencoe/ our nice 2 bed room

Glencoe/ living room

Glencoe/the other 6 bed room

became friends- Family Pierce

Lynn and Grants home

Glencoe/ Fillings...