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Cave diving - Florida

Madison Blue Spring - Morgan Spring
Interesting cave - have you seen the little frog?

Madison Blue, located in the same named state park is a small pool with nice current, water not getting tired to flow into the Withlacoochee River..

The acess to the pool is easy by the installed platform. We chose the smaller entrance to the left, where nice video shots can be taken...

This cave has varied passages, small holes and interesting jumps. Divers frequently go to the "Godzilla room" where the tunnel runs along the jump in Banana room, where you can swim a circle, back to the main line. Little bit silty, sometimes ;-)
Following the gold line for 900 ft, leads to a restriction (half hitch) which is easily accessible with backmounts. We were carrying stage tanks and called the dive, when reaching thirds shortly before 2200 ft after 50 minutes in the dive.

Madison is a nice cave. If you looking for the more distant section, use the entrance in the back of the park, Martz sink. We will try next time...



Morgan spring, located at private property, is accessible for divers after registration at Bill Rennakers shop.

The cave is going deep, when we was there to taste a little of Morgan, the vis was not that great, so we called the dive, when we passed the 100 ft depth. The main line starts at 150 ft, so do not bring your 32% on the back...
The cave is interesting, we will be back for a longer dive in winter...

Beginn Mainline

kleiner Eingang


Morgan Spring - Zugang

vor dem 1. Jump

...Sidemount nötig...


Morgan Spring