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Mexico, Peninsula Yucatan - Quintana Roo

Sistema Naharon - huge Cave System - Cristal to Escondido

dept up to 30 m, connected channels and loops

ambitious due to the wide ranges, haloclines und depth

Location: 8 km south of Tulum direction Chetumal.
Entrance fee: 80 Pesos to pay at the gate to the family
Maximum dept: 28 m
Accessibility: 2 - 5 minutes with Equipment
Bathroom: yes
site entrance: easy but slippery
exit: same, be aware of mexican children
for deco cavern area useable
Best Dive: safest: --> main line
Cavern Diving: Escondido, best in summer with many plants
Cavern Diving: Cristal no, better snorkeling

specific feature:

  • look at "A blueprint for survival" Sheck Exley...
  • tunnel systeme from A - F
  • traverse Cristal - Escondido approx. 85 minutes, deko!
  • Caution! Be aware about up- and downstream!
  • huge hall ways in halocline --> line awareness !!!
  • Cristal ist covered with black algie, use your best primary light!
  • Locals like to swim here- but nobody will give you way- be prepared at jumping childs at your equipment or neck!
  • Cenote Escondido Caution!!! - Thiefs! Cars are not safe here...

    System should be reserved for very experienced cave divers...

Watch the video Cristal!

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Cenote Cristall, straigt ahead to the main line

blind fisch...

Cenote Escondido formation

Cenote Escondido-just a gigant step...

Cenote Escondido Formation...

dark algae cover the walls of Cristal up to the halocline

where is the channel G?

Cenote with little piranha

Cenote Escondido; stalaktite formation

Cenote Escondido lights...